Move mountains together.arrow

Move mountains together.

Great challenges require impressive solutions, and impressive solutions require great support.

For our 100th company anniversary, we are seeking support for recognised nature conservation organisations in the fight against climate change.

Please share in our efforts for greater climate protection and become a benefactor, partner or sponsor of the Race for Nature.

We look forward to hearing from you.


 Become a sponsor


Make the most of this unique platform to position yourself as a climate-conscious partner at the forefront of new, responsible forms of travel and outdoor activities.

Please note that your sponsorship involves a contribution to the (non-hotel-related) costs of the event. All costs for the hotel and our infrastructure are, of course, fully covered by the Tschuggen Collection.

Prize sponsor

A charity auction requires three key elements: a cause, guests who are happy to bid for something for charity, and prizes that are up for auction. This is where you come in: donate a prize for the charity night and do your part to make the Race for Nature a complete success.



When you move mountains, you start by carrying away the small stones.

Every little gesture helps and we appreciate every penny donated to support the valuable work of our participating nature conservation organisations. We guarantee that 100% of every benefactor contribution will be passed on to the nature conservation organisations involved.


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