For greater awareness and sustainabilityarrow

For greater awareness and sustainability

Under the patronage of the myclimate foundation, the following organizations were present at the Race for Nature in Arosa. Their work and continuous efforts are essential for sustainable management of our natural resources, to enable a livable future.


Alpine Initiative

Participation enabled by Ricola

The Alpine Initiative organisation aims to protect the unique, complex and ecologically sensitive Alpine region and to preserve it as a habitat. Alpine Initiative implements a sustainable transport policy and is dedicated to climate protection measures.

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Aqua Viva

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Since 1960, the Aqua Viva organisation has been committed to protecting and renaturing the local water habitats so that Switzerland can continue enjoying its vibrant streams, rivers and lakes in the future.

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Bergwaldprojekt (Mountain Forest Project)

Participation enabled by ÖKK

Bergwaldprojektt (Mountain Forest Project) is a non-profit foundation founded in 1987 with the purpose of promoting the preservation, care and protection of the forest and the cultural landscape in the mountain region.

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Bruno Manser Fund (BMF)

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The Bruno Manser Fund (BMF) was founded in 1991 and champions fairness in the tropical forest. The fund is committed to preserving the endangered tropical rainforests with their biodiversity and is particularly dedicated to the rights of the rainforest population.

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Fairunterwegs (Fairjourney)

Participation enabled by Grünenfelder SA

Fairunterwegs (Fairjourney) is an association founded in 1977 by development organisations and open-minded travel agencies. Fairjourney scrutinises the social, cultural, ecological and economic impact of tourism from a developmental perspective and advocates for the rights of people in the destinations and the environment.

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Fauna & Flora

Participation enabled by Ampney Brook

Established over a century ago, Fauna & Flora is the world’s oldest international wildlife conservation organisation. They have been quietly shaping and influencing conservation practice since their foundation in 1903.

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Green Advance

Participation enabled by Graubündner Kantonalbank

The foundation is committed to preserving the diversity of species and has launched a variety of projects to support vibrant and colourful biodiversity.

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Participation enabled by Die Mobiliar

myclimate is a partner for effective climate protection, globally and locally. Together with industry partners and private individuals, myclimate wants to shape the future of the world through advisory services and educational programmes, as well as its own projects. It does so in a market-oriented and customer-focused way as a non-profit organisation.

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Participation enabled by Zindel Group

By supporting species and habitats that are particularly worth preserving, the Naturnetz association makes measurable contributions to biodiverse natural and cultural landscapes in Switzerland. Their association's field of activity mainly includes the enhancement and maintenance of natural reserves and other ecologically valuable areas.

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Participation enabled by BKW

The Snowstainability association was founded in May 2022 by Swiss-Ski and its sustainability partner BKW. Together they are working to ensure that the snow sports of the future are more sustainable so that they can be enjoyed by future generations.

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Swiss Parks Network

Participation enabled by UBS

The diverse areas of the Swiss Parks Network are mainly located in the (Pre-)Alps and the Jura mountains. The association works to preserve and maintain valuable cultural and natural landscapes, strengthen the sustainable regional economy and promote education for sustainable development. In addition, locals and visitors alike are made aware of the ecological, cultural, historical and economic characteristics of the regions.

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Protect our Winters (POW)

Participation enabled by Vincenz & Partner

The climate protection organisation POW works in nine European countries and has been active in Switzerland since 2017. POW is involved in advocacy, nutrition, mobility and education, with the aim of strengthening the involvement of the outdoor community in climate protection through positive communication and raising awareness as well as through political advocacy.

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Pro Terra Engiadina

Participation enabled by Pure Powder 

The Pro Terra Engiadina Foundation sees itself as a platform for the natural and cultural region of the Lower Engadine and Samnaun. It has set itself the goal of preserving and promoting the unique landscape and nature, as well as the diverse culture that characterises the Lower Engiadine in all its facets.

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Participation enabled by Bassi Elektro AG is a crowd-donating platform that supports global projects relating to climate protection, animal welfare, child welfare, as well as social and humanitarian causes.

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Umwelteinsatz (SUS)

Participation enabled by Tilla Theus and Partner AG

The foundation Umwelteinsatz was founded in 1976 and plans, finds volunteers for and supports group projects conducted by these volunteers across Switzerland to protect cultural landscapes and maintain the natural environment, with a focus on dry wall construction.

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